Cool and Funny Instagram Notes Ideas For 2024

100+ Cool and Funny Instagram Notes Ideas for 2024 [+Guide]

You’ve been posting on Instagram for a few years now and feel like you’ve run out of fresh ideas. Those carefully curated photos and witty captions just aren’t cutting it anymore. You need something new to reinvigorate your followers and remind them why they started following you in the first place. Enter Instagram Notes, the latest feature that’s about to take your Instagram game to the next level in 2024.

With Instagram notes, you can share thoughts, stories, and behind-the-scenes details in long-form, conversational posts. Think of short blog entries but with your unique visual style and voice. Instagram notes are the perfect way to create a deeper connection with your followers by giving them a glimpse into your creative process and daily adventures.

In this article, we’ve gathered some Instagram note ideas in innovative ways to boost your engagement and bring some life back to your Instagram feed. From sharing travel journals and recipes to starting a book club and reposting fan letters, these Instagram notes ideas will inspire you with new ways to use Instagram notes that your followers will love. The future is bright for your Instagram, and Notes are leading the way. Get ready to reconnect with your followers in 2024!

What are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes was launched in December 2022, a recently added sharing feature within the app. This feature enables users to share brief written messages with their closest friends, limited to 60 characters. You might question the purpose of such a feature, considering the availability of messaging apps like WhatsApp.

How To Create an Instagram Note?

To create a new note on Instagram:

  • Click the icon in the upper right corner of Feed.
  • Tap your profile picture at the top, then tap Leave a new note.
  • Then tap Share a thought… and enter a note up to 60 characters long.
  • Choose the intended audience for your note.
  • Click on the “Share” button in the top right to publish your new note.

Benefits Of Using Instagram Notes Feature

So, what is the purpose of Instagram Notes, and why would a brand utilize them? There are several reasons to consider:

  • You can inform your followers about new products being released.
  • To give updates about your day or business without filling up your Instagram posts or stories.
  • Share discounts or special offers.
  • Share daily quotes that inspire or motivate.
  • Express a brief opinion on a popular topic.
  • Connect with followers and strengthen relationships between customers and your products.
  • A valuable tool for marketers to share updates without the need for creating visual content.
  • An effective way to share your current emotions, status, or any other thoughts on your mind (ideal for social media influencers).

5 Best Ways to Use Instagram Notes

The Instagram Notes feature is still relatively new but is gaining traction quickly. Here are some of the best ways to use notes for Instagram in 2024:

1. Share tips and how-tos

Instagram notes are perfect for sharing quick tips, tricks, and how-tos with your followers. Things like:

  • How to take great travel photos
  • Five ways to boost your productivity
  • DIY skincare recipes to try

2. Start a book club

You can use Instagram notes to start an informal book club with your followers. Share book reviews and recommendations, then ask for feedback and thoughts on the books. Engage in lively discussions in the comments.

3. Share recipes

If you love to cook, Instagram notes are ideal for sharing recipes with mouthwatering photos. Include ingredient lists, step-by-step instructions, and cooking tips to help your followers recreate the dishes.

4. Post motivational messages

Share inspiring quotes, life lessons, or motivational messages with your followers using Instagram notes. These types of positive, feel-good posts tend to resonate well and spread good vibes.

5. Poll your followers

Instagram notes commenting feature makes it easy to poll your followers and crowdsource opinions. Ask for recommendations on your next vacation spot, gift ideas, or which product you should review next. Engage with everyone who comments to build a sense of community.

The possibilities for using Notes for Instagram are endless. Get creative and have fun with this versatile Instagram feature. Your followers will appreciate your effort in keeping them engaged and informed.

How to Use Instagram Notes to Grow Your Audience?

Here are some ways you can use Instagram Notes in 2024 to grow your audience. 

Share Behind-the-Scenes Details

Give your Instagram followers a glimpse into your process or daily life. For example, if you’re a photographer, share how you scouted the perfect location. If you’re a chef, reveal how you source fresh ingredients. People love getting a sneak peek at what goes on behind the curtains.

Start a Weekly Q&A

Engage your followers by answering their burning questions. Create a weekly “Ask Me Anything” and invite people to submit questions via comments or DMs. Then, choose a few to answer in your Notes. This helps build connections and provides value.

Share Current Events or News

If there are important events, issues, or news stories related to your industry or interests, share your take on them in Notes. Provide context and opinions to spur discussion. This positions you as a thought leader in your field and gives followers another reason to keep checking your profile.

Post Polls and Surveys

Instagram notes allow you to create simple polls, surveys, and quizzes. Engage your followers by asking for their input and opinions. Then, share the results in your Stories or next set of Notes. Followers will appreciate you valuing their voices.

Using Instagram Notes in these interactive ways can help boost your visibility, engage your followers, gain new followers, and build your influence on the platform. Give people a reason to keep coming back to your profile, and your audience growth will follow.

Examples of Creative and Engaging Instagram Notes

Here are some engaging examples of Instagram Notes ideas to try in 2024:

Travel Guides

Share tips and recommendations for your favourite travel destinations. Walk readers through your ideal itinerary for a weekend trip or extended vacation. Include photos of must-see attractions, your favourite restaurants and hotels, and any hidden gems you discovered. These types of guides are always popular and inspiring for other travellers.


Give followers a look into your career, creative pursuits, or daily life. For example, share what a typical day looks like for you, your process for working on a new project, or what goes into planning an event. Use photos, videos, and stories to give an authentic glimpse into what happens off-camera. Followers will appreciate the transparency and insight into your world.

Lists and Roundups

Create lists of your recommendations, favourites, goals, or useful resources on a particular topic. For example, share your top 10 books to read, favourite podcasts, go-to beauty products, or small businesses to support. Roundup posts like these are easy to read and reference and provide value to your followers. You can even make them into a series, like “Favorites of the Month.”

Questions & Answers

Host a question-and-answer session where your followers can ask you anything. Share the questions you receive along with your responses. This is an engaging way to connect with your audience and address what they want to know in an open and honest format. Followers will appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you.

Using a mix of photos, videos, stories, and text, creating Instagram Notes on various topics will keep your followers engaged and coming back to see what you share next. The possibilities for connecting with and inspiring your audience are endless!

100+ Best & Cool Instagram Notes Ideas 2024

  1. Gratitude list for the day.
  2. A motivational quote.
  3. Behind the scenes of your day.
  4. Share a favourite book recommendation.
  5. Your morning routine.
  6. Fun facts about yourself.
  7. Self-care tips.
  8. Your favourite workout routine.
  9. A funny joke or meme.
  10. Share a favourite recipe.
  11. Goals for the week.
  12. Express a random thought.
  13. Shoutout to a friend or follower.
  14. A before-and-after transformation.
  15. Your favourite quote from a movie.
  16. Share a travel memory.
  17. A lesson you’ve learned recently.
  18. Your favourite podcast recommendation.
  19. Share a success story.
  20. A day in the life.
  21. Inspirational words for the day.
  22. Share a childhood photo.
  23. Express gratitude for followers.
  24. Your favourite productivity tip.
  25. Highlight a favourite local spot.
  26. Share a personal achievement.
  27. A quick poll or quiz.
  28. Your favourite workout playlist.
  29. Share a funny pet moment.
  30. Post a scenic view.
  31. Your favourite app recommendation.
  32. A doodle or drawing.
  33. Throwback to a memorable trip.
  34. Share a favourite quote from a book.
  35. A quick DIY project.
  36. Your favourite type of workout.
  37. Shoutout to a small business.
  38. Share a favourite podcast episode.
  39. Your favourite smoothie recipe.
  40. Behind the scenes of a project.
  41. A list of things that make you happy.
  42. Share a goal you’ve achieved.
  43. A motivational message.
  44. A quote that inspires you.
  45. Your favourite workout gear.
  46. A quick Q&A session.
  47. Share a favourite quote from a song.
  48. A self-reflection note.
  49. Your favourite way to relax.
  50. A sunset or sunrise photo.
  51. Share a favourite memory.
  52. A post about your favourite hobby.
  53. Shoutout to a favourite author.
  54. A quick workout challenge.
  55. Share a favourite childhood game.
  56. Your favourite self-help book.
  57. A post about your morning ritual.
  58. Share a fun fact about yourself.
  59. Express gratitude for nature.
  60. Your favourite meditation technique.
  61. A photo of your workspace.
  62. A note about a recent accomplishment.
  63. Share a favourite YouTube channel.
  64. A post about your favourite sport.
  65. Highlight a favourite charity.
  66. A funny caption on a candid photo.
  67. Share a favourite TV show quote.
  68. Your favourite healthy snack.
  69. A before-and-after fitness journey.
  70. A post about your favourite artist.
  71. Share a favourite family tradition.
  72. Express gratitude for small things.
  73. A post about your favourite movie.
  74. Share a favourite memory with a friend.
  75. A note about a recent challenge.
  76. Your favourite positive affirmation.
  77. A quick mindfulness exercise.
  78. Share a favourite inspirational figure.
  79. A post about your favourite food.
  80. A quick tutorial or how-to.
  81. Your favourite self-care activity.
  82. A post about your favourite animal.
  83. Share a favourite fashion trend.
  84. A post about your favourite season.
  85. A quick review of a product.
  86. Your favourite place to relax.
  87. A post about your favourite gadget.
  88. Share a favourite childhood toy.
  89. A shoutout to your role model.
  90. Your favourite outdoor activity.
  91. A post about your favourite color.
  92. Share a favourite childhood show.
  93. A note about a recent adventure.
  94. Your favourite self-care product.
  95. A post about your favourite pet.
  96. Share a favourite childhood memory.
  97. A post about your favourite app.
  98. Your favourite way to unwind.
  99. A quick fitness tip.
  100. Share a favourite travel destination.
  101. Share a heartwarming quote.
  102. Express gratitude for the little things.
  103. Post a photo of a beautiful sunset.
  104. Share a positive affirmation for the day.
  105. Highlight a random act of kindness.
  106. Share a funny and uplifting meme.
  107. Post a photo of your favourite happy place.
  108. Share a feel-good song recommendation.
  109. Express appreciation for your followers.
  110. Post a photo of a cute animal.
  111. Share a success story, big or small.
  112. Highlight a favourite feel-good movie.
  113. Express gratitude for good health.
  114. Post a photo of a favourite memory.
  115. Share a quick and easy self-care tip.
  116. Post a photo of something that makes you smile.
  117. Share a favourite childhood memory.
  118. Express gratitude for supportive friends.
  119. Post a photo of your favourite comfort food.
  120. Share a positive news story.
  121. Express appreciation for family.
  122. Share a favourite quote about happiness.
  123. Post a photo of a favourite hobby.
  124. Share a quick mindfulness exercise.
  125. Express gratitude for personal growth.
  126. Post a photo of a favourite book.
  127. Share a feel-good joke or pun.
  128. Highlight a favourite inspirational figure.
  129. Express gratitude for the present moment.
  130. Post a photo of a favourite place in nature.
  131. Share a quick and easy recipe for joy.
  132. Highlight a favourite feel-good podcast.
  133. Express appreciation for self-love.
  134. Share a favourite motivational video.
  135. Post a photo of a favourite workout.
  136. Share a positive and uplifting story.
  137. Express gratitude for positive vibes.
  138. Post a photo of a favourite quote wall.
  139. Share a feel-good challenge for followers.
  140. Express appreciation for the journey.


So there you have it, some Instagram Notes ideas to spark your creativity for 2024. Social media never sleeps, so keep testing out new formats and content to engage your followers. Who knows, one of these ideas might just take off and become the next big thing. The possibilities are endless if you let your imagination run free. Now, get out there and start letting your followers thank you for it. Keep posting, keep engaging, and keep being your authentic self. The future is unwritten, so grab those Instagram Notes and start writing your story.



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